Optimal Student Recruitment is the brainchild of Richard Geddes, a specialist in student recruitment for higher education institutions. 

We use international best practices to improve student recruitment processes and systems for higher education institutions, so your institution can outperform other competitor institutions.

Mission, Vision and Values

Everything we do centres around helping you maximise your tuition fees revenue using best practices in student recruitment.

Philosophy and Principles

We develop and implement our services using five guiding principles. These principles form a strong foundation and a starting point for improving your student recruitment systems.

Why choose Us

We specialise in the higher education sector and understand the student recruitment environment and challenges faced by senior and executive management in charge of recruitment.

Our Founder

Before launching Optimal Student Recruitment, Richard Geddes worked in senior positions responsible for domestic and international student recruitment for Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and the University of Adelaide (2003-2018).


We offer universities and higher education institutions comprehensive specialised services to target all areas of student recruitment. Every aspect of our services is geared to help universities and colleges maximise new student tuition revenue, in a sustainable manner. Clients can pick and choose different aspects of each of the available types of services, based on their needs.

Student Recruitment Health Check



A student recruitment health-check is a high-level examination of your student recruitment function’s capacity and capability to see if you are on the right track to achieving your recruitment goals.


Review or Audit





The review or audit is a deep, systematic and independent examination of a specific service or strategy within an institutions student recruitment function.


Optimal Student Recruitment Frameworks


This service has 12 independent but complementary frameworks. Each framework provides a comprehensive blueprint to optimise student recruitment outcomes, leveraging off the relevant key strategy and function in the recruitment process.

Optimal Implementation Project Management Modules

The best strategy or clever tactic will fail if it is not implemented correctly within your organisation or specific context. We have proven expertise in translating specialised knowledge, and the Optimal Student Recruitment Modules into real results.

Sales and Customer Service Training



Have your recruitment staff been adequately trained in sales and customer service specifically related to student recruitment in the higher education sector? If not, make sure your staff members who are involved in student recruitment do this course on sales and customer service.

Full Transformation Optimal Solution




The perfect service for those institutions committed to overhauling their student recruitment systems. This service provides an unbeatable structure that sets you up for miraculous results, also saving you time and money.

Management of your Student Recruitment Function

Do you want to concentrate on managing the core elements of your institution? Do you want peace of mind and confidence that your student recruitment function is running optimally? We can manage your student recruitment function so that it runs seamlessly while you get on with educating the next generation.



It is time to turn your goals into tangible results.

We know that clear intention is a core element that helps drive success. But, what if it is not enough?

How do you take your institution’s fee revenues to the next level with the exact actions needed to produce the results you really want?

You need Optimal Student Recruitment, the experts in student recruitment. We already know what works. Through our expertise and an insider’s perspective, we will help you achieve tangible results. We offer a range of services designed to meet your recruitment needs, so you can set yourself up to achieve the student recruitment results you desire – much quicker and more cost effective than if you and your team set out to do the same.

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