Review or Audit

The Optimal Student Recruitment Review or Audit is a deep, systematic and independent examination of a specific service or strategy within an institutions student recruitment function.

The review/audit also attempts to ensure that the service and/or strategy is fully compliant with the relevant external and internal policies, regulations and legislation.

About this service

In this review, we will thoroughly examine 3 key aspects of your institution’s operations in a specific service or strategy in order to identify new value creating opportunities within your student recruitment capability:

  • the efficiency - performing work in the least amount of time;
  • the effectiveness - doing the right things that cause success in producing a desired or intended result; and
  • the economy – the balance between benefits and costs to run the operation.

The specific service and strategy areas that Optimal student recruitment can review are listed below:

  1. Product, Portfolio and Target Setting Strategy
  2. Pricing and Scholarship Strategy
  3. Promotion and Communication Strategy
  4. Agent Management Framework
  5. Admissions Framework
  6. Prospect Management Framework
  7. High School Student Recruitment Strategy
  8. Digital Acquisition Student Recruitment Strategy
  9. Student Recruitment Activity and Event Framework
  10. External Scholarship Awarding Bodies Student Recruitment Strategy
  11. Pathway Provider and Articulation Partner Student Recruitment Strategy
  12. In-Country Framework For International Student Recruitment

If you want to review an area not listed above, please contact us so that we can discuss how best to meet your needs.


The main objective of this Review service is to help institutions like yours to learn how to deal with and address issues, instead of simply reacting to the challenges brought about by positive and negative growth and change.

The information provided from the Review is practical from both a financial and operational perspective. The Review Report will contain recommendations, which are not only realistic, but more importantly, can help your institution achieve its goals. The review recognizes the extent to which your internal controls actually work, and enables you to identify and understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

To be more specific, this review will benefit you by:

  • Giving you an impartial assessment regarding the effectiveness of your strategies and service;
  • Pinpointing problem areas and their underlying causes;
  • Identifying opportunities to improve performance, increase net revenue and reduce costs whilst enhancing the quality of your strategy or service;
  • Identifying opportunities to target new growth;
  • The review process will improve alignment between staff, leaders and other key stakeholders, helping to drive performance culture and clarity on the future direction of the institution’s student recruitment function.