Student Recruitment Health Check

A student recruitment health-check is a high-level examination of your student recruitment function’s capacity and capability to see if you are on the right track to achieving your recruitment goals.

As a leader of your institution, it is your responsibility to ensure that your student recruitment function has the capability to deliver on your student recruitment needs now and into the future. Get your student recruitment function health check now so that you can make informed and powerful decisions that will ensure your long-term sustainability.

About this service

The Optimal Student Recruitment Health Check is a set of assessments divided by key functional areas within student recruitment. The Health Check is designed to provide diagnostic information to guide decision-making in order to support intervention and enrichment.

It will assist you in identifying your institution’s student recruitment capability strengths and areas in need of improvement.

The health check involves the completion of an online questionnaire by both leaders and staff members involved in student recruitment.

The results will provide links to Optimal Student Recruitment Services and resources that you can tap into in order to address some of the major shortcomings of your capabilities.


The purpose of the health check is to provide information that will help guide decision-making by providing support to leaders responsible for student recruitment within an institution. The reports are designed to provide a picture or snapshot of how capable your student recruitment function is to deliver on your student recruitment goals.


Benefits for leaders

  • Promotes deeper understanding of the institution’s student recruitment strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides opportunities for leaders to reflect, collaborate, and match investment to student recruitment needs
  • Provides insights into how best to future-proof your institution
  • Identifies problems at an early stage before they develop into more serious problems
  • Enhances the partnership between the leaders and staff

Benefits for staff

  • Provides staff with specific feedback designed to support staff learning and professional development
  • Builds efficacy by bringing staff involved in student recruitment into the concepts and frameworks that impact on their performance
  • Provides staff with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills
  • Promotes partnering with leaders
  • Ensures that follow-up action is meaningful and aligns with staff expectations