Optimal Sales And Customer Service Training

Does the team culture in student recruitment hinder or facilitate good student recruitment outcomes? Are your recruitment staff trained in sales and customer service specifically related to student recruitment?

This service focuses on sales and customer service training for staff involved in your student recruitment enterprise to ensure students and other stakeholders receive a seamless service, no matter who they are dealing with.


The following twelve training modules are available. These training modules can be delivered at a rate of 4 modules per day. Clients can therefore opt for a 1-day (4 Modules), 2-day (8 Modules) or 3-day (12 Modules) course:

  1. Module 1: Fundamentals of student recruitment as a sales process*
  2. Module 2: Impact of personality on student recruitment outcomes
  3. Module 3: Effective use of KPIs in enhancing student recruitment performance
  4. Module 4: The art of influence in student recruitment
  5. Module 5: The attitudes, attributes, skills and habits of a good student recruiter
  6. Module 6: Appealing to the core human needs and fears in student recruitment
  7. Module 7: The student recruiter as coach
  8. Module 8: Listening skills in student recruitment
  9. Module 9: Recruiting via third party partnerships
  10. Module 10: Powerful message delivery skills
  11. Module 11: The smart use of student recruitment tools
  12. Module 12: Understanding teachers, parents and other key decision-makers in the student recruitment process

*Module 1 is compulsory


This training course has been designed to equip your staff members who are involved in student recruitment with:

  1. A greater understanding of the importance of Sales and Customer Service in student acquisition and recruitment
  2. Knowledge of a wide range of key sales skills, techniques and tools and how to appropriately apply them in the student recruitment context
  3. A greater awareness of ‘self’ in the recruitment process and the impact that one brings to the sales process
  4. Provide participants with the opportunity to identify and capture actions that they will incorporate into their day-to-day work immediately after the training session
  5. Improved performance, morale, confidence and sense of purpose of participants
  6. Information on where to get further information and resources for those who wish to learn more