Optimal Sales And Customer Service Training

The Art of Student Recruitment: Sales Training for Professionals involved in Student Recruitment is a course that is designed to impart and deliver tried-and tested knowledge and wisdom from the science of sales, neuro-science, behavioural economics and social psychology in a manner that:

  • Is adapted for the student recruitment industry;
  • Prioritizes the needs of the future students;
  • Enables course participants to design and develop a complete winning sales strategy simply by following the step-by-step exercises delivered in the course; and
  • Is ethical and compliant with regulatory standards in the education sector.


The following twelve training modules are available. These training modules can be delivered at a rate of 4 modules per day. Clients can therefore opt for a 1-day (4 Modules), 2-day (8 Modules) or 3-day (12 Modules) course:

  1. Module 1: Fundamentals of student recruitment as a sales process*
  2. Module 2: Impact of personality on student recruitment outcomes
  3. Module 3: Effective use of KPIs in enhancing student recruitment performance
  4. Module 4: The art of influence in student recruitment
  5. Module 5: The attitudes, attributes, skills and habits of a good student recruiter
  6. Module 6: Appealing to the core human needs and fears in student recruitment
  7. Module 7: The student recruiter as coach
  8. Module 8: Listening skills in student recruitment
  9. Module 9: Recruiting via third party partnerships
  10. Module 10: Powerful message delivery skills
  11. Module 11: The importance of personal organisation, planning and preparation
  12. Module 12: Negotiating skills in the student recruitment and partnership development context

*Module 1 is compulsory


There are many reasons why you should attend the Art of Student Recruitment Sales Training Course and why you should adopt a science-based selling approach to the recruitment of your students. A few of these reasons are listed below. in no particular order:


  • Outperform your competitors - Be superior, have a competitive edge over your competitors and gain an unfair competitive advantage through a science-based approach to student recruitment. “Make the competition drool with envy”.
  • Get a better work-life balance – a scientific approach to how you work means that you will work smarter rather than simply ‘harder’. This means that you avoid burn-out and stress and will spend more time being proactive rather than reactive. Therefore, there will be a positive impact on your health.
  • Experience improved personal and professional relationships – during the course, you will learn how to effectively communicate with others and how to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Learn and grow into your full potential – In the course, you will learn new and innovative ways to recruit students. The knowledge, skills and ethical application of the knowledge that you learn in the course will give you more confidence and others will perceive you as a valued contributor.
  • Be part of an elite student recruitment community – Come and spend time with 29 other forward-thinking student recruiters who recognise the need to adapt their student recruitment approaches.
  • Be a leader – Be one of the first to adopt and implement better scientifically-proven student recruitment approaches immediately. Regardless of whether or not any other education are currently using them, these approaches will, in time become an industry standard. In the meantime, you will be a leader and benefit from the ‘first-in-market’ advantage.
  • Control your destiny - Control your own destiny instead of being at the mercy of the market and its forces. Use the innovation and creativity of a science-based approach to take responsibility for your own performance.