Optimal Student Recruitment Framework

This service has 12 independent but complementary frameworks. Each framework provides the blueprint and framework to optimise student recruitment outcomes, leveraging off the relevant key  strategy or function in the recruitment process.

Each of the 12 frameworks have been designed to help you deliver a valuable, unique, memorable and positive experience to all future students and their influencers. Our services and solutions ensure we identify and cater for the needs of future students during each state of mind and stage of their recruitment journey whilst also ensuring that we are also delivering on your tuition fee revenue requirements. The ultimate objective is to optimise conversion rates as students move through the different recruitment stages.


Based on your needs, you can either choose as many or as few of these complete frameworks, or alternatively pick specific aspects of any of the frameworks. In this manner, you can receive a tailor-made solution that has been customised to align with your institution and your strategy:

  1. Product, Portfolio and Target Setting Strategy
  2. Pricing and Scholarship Strategy
  3. Promotion and Communication Strategy
  4. The Complete Agent Management Framework
  5. The Complete Admissions Framework
  6. The Complete Prospect Management Framework
  7. The Complete High School Student Recruitment Strategy
  8. The Complete Digital Acquisition Student Recruitment Strategy
  9. The Complete Student Recruitment Activity and Event Framework
  10. The Complete External Scholarship Awarding Bodies Student Recruitment Strategy
  11. The Complete Pathway Provider and Articulation Partner Student Recruitment Strategy
  12. The Complete In-Country Framework For International Student Recruitment


As a result of accessing each framework, you can expect to have a solution on paper, which if properly implemented, will deliver the following results in the Key Performance Indicators relevant to the framework(s) purchased:

  1. Improvement in your student recruitment outcomes such as:
    1. Exponential growth of net student tuition fee revenue
    2. Improved quality of recruited students
    3. Improved diversity of the student cohort
    4. Improved conversion rates at all stages of the recruitment process
    5. Students and graduates who will be life-long passionate and loyal advocates for the institution
  2. Consistent high levels of customer service that delivers a distinctive, seamless and pleasant customer experience that inspires those who engage with your institution to be part of your community
  3. Be recognised as a leader in the execution of cutting edge and international best practice strategies for student recruitment
  4. Empowered and engaged staff members, resulting in better investment returns and productivity from staff members spending less time on low value transactions and more time on high value transactions
  5. Stronger and mutually beneficial partnerships
  6. Higher student recruitment margins achieved through efficiency gains
  7. An approach to student recruitment information reporting and business intelligence that provides leaders, managers and staff at all levels of your institution with the information required to support their productivity, effective planning and good decision-making