Our Founder


Fortune favours those who consistently skilfully execute intelligently and accurately applied specialised knowledge towards a definite purpose

This mantra is at the heart of our founder Richard Geddes’ professional achievements. A lifelong learner, Richard is the Founder and Managing Director of Optimal Student Recruitment specialising in student recruitment strategy for universities and higher education institutions.

Senior roles in student recruitment
Before launching Optimal Student Recruitment, Richard worked in senior positions managing domestic and international student recruitment for Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and the University of Adelaide (2003-2018). His roles had a strong focus on change management, strategy development and implementation of strategy designed to:
• lead and drive the teams responsible for the development of innovative strategies to improve domestic and international student recruitment outcomes (in new and existing markets)
• create a seamless and simple applicant experience
• maintain a collaborative service culture across the university

Focus on studying and embodying knowledge about high performance
Richard has a particular interest in investigating why some individuals and organisations fail to achieve their objectives, whilst others succeed. Amongst those who succeed, he has sought to identify and learn from the factor(s) that separates those who perform better than the rest.
Particular areas of study include: Student Recruitment; Consumer Behaviour; Psychology of Influence; Project Management; Sales; Marketing; Behavioural Psychology; Transactional Studies; Design Thinking; Training Methods; Change Management; Leadership; Problem-Solving Methodologies; Data Science; Franchising; Disruptive Technologies; Innovation, Entrepreneurship; Human Resource Management etc.

Holistic student recruitment system
Richard has applied the knowledge, skills and attributes gained from studying and working at the frontline of student recruitment to design a complete solution that goes to the core of an institution’s student recruitment practices and exponentially improves the results.

Professional qualifications
Richard has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Malawi and a Master of Business Administration from Edith Cowan University.

In 2018, Richard resigned from his role as Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions Services at the University of Adelaide to start Optimal Student Recruitment. The goal is to provide the solutions he has developed to institutions that need reliable and sustainable solutions for their student recruitment challenges.