How to Build Team Synergy Online Training Course

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How to Build Team Synergy Online Training Course

This course packs in a series of practical activities that provide participants with "Ah Ha"moments, together with practical approaches to put into practice the very next day on the job.

The course provides participants of all levels from an organisation with new perspectives on the importance of leveraging differences in people and making diversity of team member a true advantage.

The session finishes with an implementation action plan, so organisations will see an immediate change as people approach work, life, colleagues with more constructive purpose.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is approximately 8 - 10 hours of online training.

Cost of tuition fees


Start dates

For details of when you can commence this course, please contact the course facilitator by sending an email to

Study mode

Online, self-paced learning.

As an online course, the course is self-paced to enable you to study at your own pace and at your own time.

Admission requirements
(What you need to be eligible to study this course)

None. All you need to study this course is a good grasp of English and a commitment to learn.

Qualification type
(What qualification you will get)

Upon successful completion of this course, you will get A Certificate of Completion.

If you complete the following number of courses offered by Optimal Student Recruitment, you will qualify for the qualifications listed:

  • 8 Courses = Foundation Certificate
  • 16 Courses = Intermediate Certificate
  • 24 Courses = Advanced Certificate
  • 32 Courses = Practitioner Certificate
  • 40 Courses = Mastery Certificate

Who is the ideal candidate for this course?

This course has been designed for people with roles that are responsible for recruiting Domestic and International Future Students such as:

  • Admissions;
  • Agent Relationship Management;
  • Applicant Services;
  • Audience Marketing;
  • Business Development;
  • Business Growth;
  • Compliance;
  • Conversion Services;
  • Demand Generation;
  • Enrollment Management;
  • Faculty (Student) Recruitment;
  • Faculty Business Development;
  • Future Student Customer Service;
  • Future Student Counselling;
  • Global Marketing;
  • Global Sales;
  • In-Country staff members and representatives;
  • Marketing;
  • Market Development;
  • Outreach;
  • Partnership Development;
  • Regional Marketing and Sales;
  • Risk and Compliance;
  • Sales and Conversion;
  • Student Recruitment;

Course structure - What you will study:

To successfully complete the How to Build Team Synergy Online Training Course,participants must complete the following 6 (six)  modules:


Module 1: Understanding Personalities


Module 2: The Path to Synergy


Module 3: Trust


Module 4: Strengths


Module 5: High Performing Teams


Module 6: Wrap Up

Course Learning Outcomes – What You Will Learn

After completing this course participants will have learned to:


Learn an easy way to identify someone’s Leading Dimensions Profile (REACH) personality style and profile.


Learn a simple activity that will deepen an understanding of REACH profile types — and the skills needed to be able to communicate and work more effectively with others.


Recognize that though individuals each have unique strengths, we are stronger collectively if we work as a team.


Understand the Tuckman Model for teams.


Know the importance of trustin a well-functioning team and learn how to build trust.


Learn how to use individual strengths to create team synergy.


Understand the role of leadership in creating high performance teams.

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